Tresi Moore Weeks is an attorney and founder of The Weeks Law Firm, PLLC in Plano, Texas, where she assists clients with estate planning, special needs planning, special needs trusts, probate and guardianship.


With a personal mission of serving others who must navigate the challenging world of special needs legal issues, Christene (Chris) Krupa Downs is a member of Weeks…


Office Team/Staff

The Estate Planning Process

What to Expect from Weeks Law Firm

  • Schedule Appointment

    Call or email us to schedule an appointment. Sherrie or Cathy will take down your information and setup an appointment, typically within 3-4 weeks.

  • Questionnaire

    You will receive a basic questionnaire to fill out regarding your estate planning needs to help us prepare for your consultation. You will return it to us at least 3 days before your appointment.

  • Consultation

    You will talk to Tresi for about an hour to discuss your current family and financial situation, your goals and your questions. Tresi will design a plan to meet your needs and recommend estate planning options. She will quote you a flat fee for the services.

  • Hire Weeks Law Firm

    If you decide to hire our firm, great! We’ll schedule your signing appointment at our office in about 4 weeks. You’ll receive drafts of your documents to review with any follow-up questions in 2-3 weeks.

  • Review & Sign Documents

    Before you formally sign your documents, we will go over everything with you and answer any questions. You’ll leave our office with the originals and a flash drive with PDF copies of your documents.